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  • Is Band Required at Fort Gratiot Middle School?
    No, but your student must make an elective choice between gym and art or rotation, or band.
  • Does a student have to be in 6th Grade to join band?
    Students are allowed to join band in 7th and 8th grade. However, all students wanting to join band must start in the beginning 6th grade band class. This so students are placed in the correct class for them to learn an. instrument
  • May I play whatever instrument I want?
    Students may select from the following instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon Alto, Tenor, or Baritone Sax (pending physical size requirements) Trumpet,French Horn, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Tuba, and String Bass. Percussion is also an option. However, students who are interested in this must audition with Mr. Krueger in order to play percussion. Percussion is limited to 10 students per grade. Students can only play percussion if Mr. Krueger approves it. Please contact Mr. Krueger at to schedule an audition.
  • Can I learn guitar or piano in band class?
    No. Those instruments are not part of regular instruction. However, students that wish to play these instruments may learn these separately outside of class and play them in jazz ensemble. This cost money, but students can take lessons on these through the Port Huron Music Center outside of school.
  • Can I learn violin, viola, or cello in band class?"
    No. Since these instruments are part of orchestra, and require different pedagogical demands, they are not part of regular instruction.
  • Can I learn string bass (stand-up bass) in band class?
    Yes - in fact, we are always in need of new students on this instrument. The purchasing and instructional process for one of these instruments is slightly different. Please see Mr. Krueger for details.
  • What is the after-school time commitment?
    The first year, the extracurricular commitment is minimal – students are required to attend three after-school concerts, and one concert during the school day. The dates will be available on the band and school calendars in August or earlier. There may be weekly after-school practices offered that are not mandatory, but recommended for students who need extra help or wish to excel further. The dates and times of those practices will be announced in the fall, but will take place after school. There is also a “Beginner Band Camp” in August that is a few days long that is a fun way to get kids started so that they are successful the first few days of school. This camp is HIGHLY recommended. The dates for this band camp will be announced by the end of this school year and also again over the summer.
  • When must my student have an instrument by?
    Your student must have their instrumentn and other supplies such as valve oil, extra reeds, and other accessories by the beginning of band camp in August. If you do not plan on having your student attend camp, you must have their instrument and book by the first day of school. The school district will purchase your student their method book! If your student looses their method book, then they are responsible for replacing it. These can be purchased at the Port Huron Music Center.
  • As a parent, must I provide an instrument for my band student?"
    It depends - a student is required to bring their own instrument and provide themselves with their own instrument supplies. However, the school does own certain instruments in specific sections. These are given out in a first come first serve. Please download and print this if you need a school owned instrument:
  • My student would like to join band, but I have financial concerns. Is there any help or assistance available?"
    Yes. As stated above, the school owns a limited amount of instruments, so it is possible to borrow one from the school for the year. You must sign an instrument care contract, which will hold the user liable for all repairs needed for anything above normal wear and tear damages to the instrument. NO STUDENT SHOULD BE WITHOUT A MUSIC EDUCATION. WE WILL MAKE IT WORK! Here is the link to the instrument check out form. Please download, print, and fill this out:
  • Where is the recommended place to purchase band instruments?
    Port Huron Music Center is Fort Gratiot's primary school service provider. All band instruments and necessary accessories can be found and purchased there with the exception of string basses.
  • What is the typical cost of a school instrument?
    Instrument costs vary based on type. However, most instruments can be purchased with a 0% interest rate, rent-to-own style contract. Typically, the monthly payments average between $30-40/monthly, but certain instruments like oboes, French horns, and string basses cost slightly more. All of the school service companies make it VERY easy and affordable to purchase an instrument for band. Additionally, if the student decides to switch instruments or upgrade, much of the equity put into the first instrument is transferable to the new instrument. It’s a great deal!
  • I already have an instrument. Do I still need to purchase a new one?
    No, you may have your student use the one you have. It is recommended that you bring the instrument in to Mr. Krueger to have it looked over for damages and repair needs. Sometimes when instruments sit for a long time, particularly with instruments like saxophones, clarinets, and flutes, their pads get stiff and need renovation.
  • I just found a great deal on an instrument that my child needs on Craigslist and EBay. It’s much cheaper than the instruments at Port Huron Music. Should I buy this instrument?
    STOP!!!!! Do not proceed with this purchase until you have done the following: 1) Send the link of the advertisement to Mr. Krueger via email and have it approved. There are a lot of junk instruments that are poorly manufactured. You may end up spending more on the instrument in repairs than it is worth! 2) Check the brand. Mr. Krueger has a list of recommended brands that are quality. 3) Check how old the instrument is. 4) Check to see if there is a return policy. If there isn’t a guarantee, don’t bother. You may be stuck with junk! If the instrument is not a standard brand, (Yamaha, Cannonball, Conn, Buffet, e.t.c.) The Port Huron Music Center will refuse to service it. This is not because they are being jerks, if you have a Walmart Clarinet, the music center cannot buy repair parts for this instrument. There are a lot of good deals of quality instruments to be had on the internet, but unless you are an expert on instruments and are familiar with brands, don’t try to take matters in your own hands!
  • Must my student be in band both semesters?
    Ideally, in order to avoid confusion and also to teach the students to follow through with their choices, students are encouraged to take place in both semesters of band for their first year. In special circumstances, students may switch by filling out the proper forms and completing the steps necessary to transition by meeting with the instructor and administrator.
  • What is the best method for keeping up to date?
    Every time I send anything information home, it is sent/ posted in the following forms: Google Calendar (on our band website Email Band App Facebook Group. I know this seems excessive, but this is so you have 4 different locations to receive the exact same message. I don't expect you to check all 4, but at least one of these sources. Mr. Krueger additional contact information: Robert Krueger Director of Bands at Fort Gratiot Middle School Office: 810-984-6544 ext. 2221 Email: Google Voice: 734-489-9434
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